Author Esuno sakae

Big order manga

Updated: December 11, 2019 22:36

Ranked: #14962
Popularity: #610
Rated 3 / 5 based on 4898 votes.

Big Order manga summary: A new manga by the creator of Mirai Nikki and Hanako to Guuwa no Tera. The main character Hoshimiya Eiji is an introverted high school boy that secretly wishes for the destruction of the world....

Mirai nikki paradox manga

Updated: December 12, 2019 06:04

Mirai Nikki Paradox manga summary: In a parallel world where the strongest of the non-diary holders "Akise Aru" takes the place of Yukiteru ( The protagonist from Mirai Nikki ) for a few days, what will happen?...

Year: 2008
Status: completed
Romance Comedy Action Mystery Supernatural Adventure Shounen Adult Cooking

Mirai nikki mosaic manga

Updated: December 12, 2019 06:10

Mirai Nikki Mosaic manga summary: Find out more about the other characters from Mirai Nikki - Future Diary. These stories start out a few days prior to them receiving their own diary and give us some insight as to how they think and their personal reasons for using the diary they've been chosen t...

Year: 2008
Status: completed
Comedy Action Mystery Supernatural Adventure Shounen Psychological Adult

Hanako to guuwa no tera manga

Updated: December 02, 2019 21:03

Hanako to Guuwa no Tera manga summary: Folklore detective Asou Daisuke would rather deal with normal, everyday, things like cheating spouses, embezzling partners and the like. (That and his huge collection of ero-manga.) Because whenever he deals with the supernatural, he gets the hiccups. But no...

Mirai nikki manga

Updated: December 10, 2019 19:02

Ranked: #1380
Popularity: #53
Rated 3.5 / 5 based on 44983 votes.

Mirai Nikki manga summary: Second year middle school & 14 year old, Amano Yukiteru, is a boy who has a problem with making friends. He keeps a diary on his cell phone of the things he witnesses, believing himself to be a bystander to the world's happenings. Yuki's only salvation from solitude...