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["Apple One Shot"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 22:04

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The main character is Aramiya Satoshi, who main ability is shapeshifting into any animal ...though at a few points he has plants growing out of him, so my guess is he can shapeshift into any living thing (including an elephant and a lion) I am not sure if he was naturally born that way or if he was a biological experiment. Anyway, he is a pretty easygoing guy who just wants to be left alone to enjoy his solitary life in the middle of a junkyard, but apparently some army or another is always after him because of his ability, though he is able to fight off entire tank battalions before breakfast.

Year: 2008
Status: completed
Comedy Action Fantasy Super Power
0 Chapter 0 : apple 0
1 Chapter 1 : Apple Chap 0

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