Author Kim eun-hyo

Thesis manga

["Alternative : 테제","Tae Jae","Taejae"]

Thesis summary: From The Company: Prophesied death. Boy who challenges fate. The fight against the world's fate itself begins now. Original webcomic...

Year: 2010
Status: ongoing
Action Supernatural Shounen Webtoons

Soul cartel manga


Soul Cartel manga summary: Read Soul Cartel manga Soul Cartel manga follows Si-hun Cha, a young Korean boy who's not unable to see the spirits of the deceased. He could be cared for by his big sister, Su-In Cha, and comes from a household of exorcists and strong mediums. Si-hun Cha himself is wi...

Year: 2012
Status: ongoing
Comedy Action Supernatural Adventure Fantasy Shounen Martial Arts Adult Doujinshi Webtoons