Author Sakurazaka hiroshi

All you need is kill manga

Updated: February 09, 2022 22:02

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Description : From MangaHelpers: The world is in a war against an alien race called "Mimics," who have taken over most of the world with a mission to eliminate the human race. Keiji Kiriya is a new recruit in the United Defense Force, which is battling against these "Mimics." On his first day of de...

Saitama Chainsaw Shoujo

["さいたまチェーンソー少女","Saitama Chainsaw Girl"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 23:38

Ranked: #18399
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Description : From Horobi no Michi: Kirisaki Fumio's just an ordinary highschool girl in love... ...but then she finds out that the guy she's fallen for happens to like someone else. And then she gets into a fight with a friend... that and various other things are getting her really down... s...

Yokuwakaru Gendai Mahou

["よくわかる現代魔法","Properly Learned Modern Magic","Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahō","Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou"]

Updated: February 10, 2022 00:18

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Description : The story revolves around Koyomi Morishita, a clumsy high school freshman girl who is often mistaken for a grade-schooler because of her shortness. Koyomi becomes a disciple of Misa Anehara, a 25-year-old graduate student who happens to be one of the most powerful modern-day magicians...

Status: ongoing
Comedy Fantasy Shounen