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Shite Wagamama H

Updated: February 09, 2022 23:44

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Shite Wagamama H summary: A compilation of oneshots done by various authors 1) Mistress Princess (Shiiku Hime) Takanezawa Hime is girl from a wealthy family. When they were small she started bullying Asakawa Nachi. Under Hime's guidance she wants Nachi to become her ideal pet. And thats why Nachi...

Dokidoki Shisugi no Koimonogatari

["Alternative : どきどきしすぎの恋物語","Too Exciting a Love Story"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 22:22

Dokidoki Shisugi no Koimonogatari summary: The summer vacation...with a teacher in a vacant classroom. It is a sweet painful love affair that a girl often (o rly?) experiences. This is the sixth issue of the best-selling Cheese selection. Nine other stories are included besides the title story wr...


["だめ いじわるH","だめ いじわるH","SHOーCOMI Pink Label","How Dare You","Yokujyou Nyan Nyan"]

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