Otogibanashi de Himitsu no Kiss

["Alternative : おとぎ話で秘密のキス","秘密之吻","Otogi Hanashi de Himitsu no Kiss","Secret Kiss in a Fairy Tale","The Secret Kiss in a Fairy Tale","Sărutul secret dintr-o poveste (Romanian)"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 23:27

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Otogibanashi de Himitsu no Kiss summary:

From Intercross: The moment that Rio opens a book that she found by chance, she gets sucked into another world. There she meets a guy that she sees in her dream every night. His name is Tsukishiro. He's a magician who controls the story world, and his mission is to take a "princess" from the outside world there. He asks Rio to be act as the princess and complete the tale "Cinderella", however.. Story 2: Burning heat on my lips: Naruse Momo is a girl who always tries her best at studying, even though of having a weak body. Hazuki, the number one flirt in school, is always teasing her, making her body heat up uncontrollably. And because of that, her grades dropped! What will she do now? Story 3: In love with the wolf : One day, Enamoto Aria bumped into a cool, but scary guy. His awesome princely looks made her melt instantly; she fell in love at first sight...

Status: completed
Romance Shoujo Fantasy One Shot
1 Vol.1 Chapter 1 : Vol.1 Chapter 1
2 Vol.1 Chapter 2 : Story 2
3 Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Story 3
4 Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Story 4

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